Tricology & Superfluous Hair

1 student
  • 2 hours
  • Cosmetologists Only

Trichology: The technical term for scientific study of hair.

Overview: This chapter provides you with the knowledge of the structure, functions, and characteristics of hair. It also provides you with a good      understanding of its growth and regrowth

Behavioral objectives-student goals: After completion of this chapter, and after instruction and study,  you will be able to perform and demonstrate   competency in and understanding of trichology by identifying, explaining and/or listing : the functions of hair, the structure of hair, the cycles of hair   growth, hair forms, hair textures, physical properties of hair, hair elasticity, hair porosity, tensile strength, surface tension, characteristics of healthy and  unhealthy hair, causes of unhealthy hair, scalp and disorders and superfluous hair.

Hair is the most important subject with which the cosmetologist is concerned. Every cosmetologist and barber must have an excellent understanding of hair. When a cosmetologist or barber has knowledge of the structure, functions, and characteristics of hair and understands its growth and regrowth, he  or she will have the foundation required for hair care and scientific hair services.

Trichology is the technical term for scientific study of hair. In order to make an accurate analysis of the hair you must:

  • Learn the structure and chemistry of hair
  • Study the growth and regrowth
  • Learn the functions of hair
  • Learn to determine the characteristics of unhealthy hair
  • Learn to determine the causes of unhealthy hair
  • Learn to determine the fundamental requirements of hair

Hair is the cylindrical, threadlike outgrowth of the epidermis in man and other mammals. Most hair is consider dead matter because it does not contain  nerves or blood vessels except in a small area which includes the bulb.

Hair analysis is a prerequisite for all hair services. When you know what to look for, your practical experience in cosmetology and/or barbering will   provide you with the proper approach for selecting the correct hair products and the proper hair service. It will also help to ensure the safe and effective use of all professional products. A hair analysis record card should be kept on file for every patron. The results of the original analysis should be reviewed and/or updated whenever a service requires a hair analysis.


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