Super Curly Hair

Super Curly Hair

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Super curly hair: Kinky, frizzy, or woolly hair is most characteristic of Black people. It is also found among many Caucasians.

Overview: This chapter provides you with the techniques and methods for servicing super curly hair.

Behavioral objectives-student goals: After completion of this chapter, and after instruction study and practice, you will be able to demonstrate competency in super curly hair services by demonstrating the following techniques for servicing super curly hair: combing the hair while it is wet, combing the hair when it is dry, hair brushing, cutting and shaping, wet setting, chemical blowout, Perm-A-Curl, thermal roller curling, hair pressing, chemical hair,  hair straightening with sodium hydroxide formula (whole head and retouch), corn rowing and French braiding. You will also be able to demonstrate competency by identifying, explaining and/or listing the requirements and procedures for shampooing and conditioning super curly hair, relaxing super curly hair with             thioglycolate relaxer and the retouch procedure for hair press.

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