Hair Straightening

Hair Straightening

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Hair straightening: The process of changing natural hair forms so that the hair becomes straight. There are two methods: a chemical method which straightens the hair permanently and a method which is called hair pressing. Pressing straightens the hair temporarily.

Overview: This chapter provides you with the detailed information, methods, application, and procedures for straightening, relaxing, or straightening curly hair temporarily.

Behavioral objectives-student goals: After completion of this chapter, and after instruction study and practice, you will be able to perform and  demonstrate competency in hair straightening by demonstrating the complete procedure for chemical hair straightening, hair pressing, the retouch procedures for both methods of hair straightening and Relax-A-Curl. You will also be able to demonstrate the competency by identifying, explaining and/or listing: the difference between chemical hair straightening and hair relaxing, the composition and effects of the supplies used for thioglycolate  and sodium hydroxide formulas and procedures, the soft and hard press methods of straightening hair temporarily and chemical blowout.

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