Fingernail and Hand Care: Manicuring

Fingernail and Hand Care: Manicuring

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Fingernail and hand care: manicuring: the art of improving the appearance and condition of the fingernails and hands.

Overview: This chapter provides you with the information necessary in order to gain the knowledge and skill required for practicing the art of manicuring, hand care and pedicure.

Behavioral objectives-student goals: After completion of this chapter, and after instruction, study and practice, you will be able to perform and demonstrate competency in manicuring by demonstrating the application and procedure for: a manicure table setup, a short manicure, barber shop manicure, oil or lanolin manicure, hand and arm massage and a pedicure treatment with foot massage. You will also be able to demonstrate the technique for: smoothing a smudge, finger massage, Mend-A-Nail and the application of artificial fingernails. You will also be able to demonstrate competency by identifying, explaining and/or listing: the types of manicures, the required implements, supplies and equipment, typical fingernail shapes, the electric manicure, pedicure implements and equipment, disorders of the nails and all details concerning the many types of artificial nails.

Manicuring is the art of caring for the fingernails and hands. A good manicure improves the appearance of the fingernails and hands. Manicuring can be the finishing touch which complements a hairstyle. It is also an additional source of income.

The nails are fairly reliable indicators of general body health. Simple fingernail irregularities come within the province of cosmetology and can be treated by the manicurist.

Full service beauty salons, barber shops and full service unisex salons also provide such related services as pedicure, which is care for the toenails and feet, and artificial fingernails.

Manicuring requires a working knowledge of nail cosmetics and understanding of the basic anatomy and physiology of the arms, hands, fingernails, legs and feet.

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    • Types of Manicures
    • Unit 2 – Sanitary and Safety Precautions for Fingernail and Hand Care: Manicuring
    • Unit 3 – Equipment, Implements and Supplies
    • Unit 4 – Fingernail Shapes
    • Unit 5 – Setup For the Manicure Table
    • Unit 6 – Preparation and Procedure for a Short Manicure
    • Unit 7 – Smoothing a Smudge